Where to find cheap medications from UK?

When we compile this rating, the priority was given to customer reviews who already have great experience in contacting various online pharmacies. During the selection of pharmacies, we took into account a number of features such as pricing policy, variety of assortment, availability of promotions and discounts, as well as terms and methods of delivery.

Boots (Google Rating: 4.2)

  • https://boots.com/
  • 28 Petty Cury, Cambridge CB2 3ND, United Kingdom
  • +44 1223 350213

Went for 2 prescriptions was told weren’t ready. I told the cashier I was sent an email notification 1 was ready 1 out of stock. Could they check with Super-center to see if in stock there she would then forgot about me? When I walked up to remind her, a coworker told her they were out also. I called myself. They were in stock, and I transferred my prescriptions. Bad, Bad Service!!!

I love the way I am greeted by name as I enter the door. Victoria has such a beautiful personality. She always makes me feel comfortable and peaceful. Nothing beats a smile. The entire Boots staff goes above and beyond. THANK YOU.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.5)

  • https://viaqx.com/
  • 56 Mill Rd, Petersfield, Cambridge CB1 2AS, United Kingdom
  • +44 1223 354383

Best pharmacy ever. Good staff, very caring, and understanding. Do yourself a favor and switch to them. The pharmacist is very kind, and the prices are very reasonable for uninsured patients. They also offer a delivery service for some patients.

Once again, I can’t say it enough. What a great place! It’s hard to find a pharmacy where they care about you as Viaqx does.

Rowlands Pharmacy (Google Rating: 2.3)

  • https://www.rowlandspharmacy.co.uk/
  • 189 Histon Rd, Arbury, Cambridge CB4 3HL, United Kingdom
  • +44 1223 368537

Rowlands Pharmacy is helpful, courteous, and informative. Pleasant experience. I was able to have everything done quickly, with no problems. However, had there been any kind this staff could and would handle anything without a problem in a reasonable amount of time and efficiently.

I witnessed the pharmacist/pharmacist tech (big guy, grey hair) leave the toilet and return to his workstation (in the pharmacy) without washing his hands. Of all people, someone in the position of dispensing medications to people who are already in some kind of weakened physical state should not be put into danger with some kind of bacterial contamination because the guy doesn’t want to wash his hands. It’s pretty disgusting. I will not get my medications from this location while this guy is still there. Hopefully, the rest of the employees obey the sign in the restroom, which requires everybody to wash their hands before returning to work, but the pharmacy staff should set the example.

Well Pharmacy (Google Rating: 2.7)

  • https://www.well.co.uk/
  • 144 York St, Cambridge CB1 2PY, United Kingdom
  • +44 1223 460977

Well Pharmacy has delivered nothing but excellent experiences. Their staff is nothing short of the best. I drive 30 plus minutes because I feel obligated at this point since first using this store because of the customer service. They’re just not another pharmacy. I highly recommend anyone in or around Metter within a reasonable driving distance to do business with this pharmacy.

Good customer service. Well stocked pharmacy and knowledgeable pharmacists, but they often act annoyed when you ask questions.